Endless opportunities

Mubazar is an online application platform that connects organisers to musicians locally and internationally. It allows for organisers to easily create opportunities and musicians to easily apply for them.

At the service of musicians

As a musician you can apply for all kinds of opportunities, from masterclasses to competitions, from gigs to music camps and more. By providing information on your preferred genre, locations, opportunity types, as well as the instruments you play, Mubazar will offer only those opportunities relevant to them, avoiding the information overload that currently exists online.

And of organisers

Mubazar, as a platform for organisers, gives you the possibility to promote your opportunities to a large number of musicians, to receive and manage applications through an easy-to-use webform tool and even take/make payments through a safe online system. Organisers could be established cultural organisations looking for applicants for a competition or a music camp. They could also be informal opportunity givers like a band looking for a guitarist.

Bringing access to music for all

Our vision is to offer all the world’s musicians the access to endless opportunities. Our goal is to get organisers from all over the world to use Mubazar as their preferred platform for recruiting musicians to their events.

Discover music opportunities!

This new digital marketplace for musicians and organisers is massively global whilst helping you find opportunities based on where you are and what you play! Try it today!

Mubazar is an initiative by JM International, a global network of NGOs that provides opportunities for young people and children to develop through music across all boundaries.