22 May 18:00 - 27 May 00:00 2023

Play it Loud! Crescendo - Training of Trainers

JM International

Learning, Workshop

Grožnjan, Croatia

Deadline: 20 May 2023 14:04


About the project - “PLAY IT LOUD! Crescendo” In 2020, as a response to gender imbalances in the youth & music sector, JMI launched the “Play it Loud!” process, focused on fostering gender mainstreaming, diversity and inclusion in the JMI Network and beyond. One of the key findings of “Play it Loud!” was that even within committed and engaged individuals and organisations, there are still knowledge and awareness gaps to be addressed to foster systemic change and promote bottom-up representation. “Play it Loud!” aims to contribute to a more equal and diverse youth & music sector, welcoming all underrepresented young people to take ownership, express themselves freely through music and participate actively in local and European democratic and civic spaces, contributing to shaping a more inclusive society. During those two years, we have been able to identify the needings and settle more specific and targeted objectives for the future. The project “Play it Loud” has now the chance to expand and continue for another year in 2023 and JMI wants to invite you to be part of the change. Our objectives for 2023 are: - to train relevant professionals working with youth and music (music teachers, youth workers, cultural organisers and facilitators, sector-specific decision-makers, staff and volunteers of youth & music organisations) to tackle gender stereotypes and provide safe(r) spaces for youth creative expression, with a focus on the "Play it Loud!" norm-critical pedagogy. This will lead to creating a PLAY IT LOUD POOL OF TRAINERS. - to raise awareness and build capacities on gender mainstreaming and equity in the European youth & music sector among pivotal stakeholders and young people by increasing knowledge, representation and peer role models. This will lead to creating a PLAY IT LOUD POOL OF YOUNG AMBASSADORS ABOUT THE TRAINING - PIL! CRESCENDO TRAINING OF TRAINERS The activity aims to provide a group of key individuals with practical competencies and pedagogical tools, thus creating a PiL-dedicated Pool of Trainers. The "trained trainers" will be, therefore, able to multiply the PiL approach by targeting and training local/grassroots stakeholders operating in the youth & music ecosystem. The specific objectives of the training are: - To equip and prepare individuals from different backgrounds and contexts to provide training and educational/pedagogical guidance to a wide range of actors working with youth and music across Europe (music teachers/schools, conservatories, NGOs, cultural associations, informal groups of young musicians, etc.). - To create the first PiL Pool of Trainers aimed to multiply knowledge and expertise across Europe, both within and outside the JMI Network, ensuring long-term sustainability and impacts. The activity also foresees a local phase: after the training, participants will be responsible to plan, organise and implement a multiplier training event in their own countries (between June and November 2023). WHERE: Groznjan, Croatia WHEN: MAY 22nd (arrivals) to MAY 27th (departures), with an optional day on MAY 28th to attend an extra day of training on EU Grants and Funding opportunities. WHO: 20 individuals (youth workers, organisers, trainers, facilitators, workshop leaders, etc.) from at least ten different countries. PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS - You should be aged between 18 and 30 years old - You should already have some knowledge, experience and know-how in one or more of the following areas: human rights, freedom of creative and artistic expression, intercultural learning, international cultural relations, global citizenship, gender equity, gender-based discrimination and sexism (in particular in the music industry), music education, non-formal education and norm-critical pedagogy, youth work (youth participation and empowerment), design and management of cultural activities targeting young people. - You should be committed to taking part in the Play it Loud Pool of Trainers and all project activities. - You should be based in a Council of Europe member country (see below). NB: we will prioritise the participation of individuals identifying as women, trans or non-binary. TENTATIVE PROGRAM D1 MAY 22 - Arrivals (by 16:00) and welcome D2 MAY 23 - What is Play it LOUD!; Intro to Norm-Critique; Group agreement; Intro to PiL Handbook: Norm critical pedagogy and tool kit; Reflections D3 MAY 24 - PiL Handbook in practice: exploring and testing tools; PiL Building Blocks; Parallel workshops: building safe(r) spaces - facilitating and leading; Reflections D4 MAY 25 - Human Library: exploring our personal experiences; Resources Library: exploring concrete references and strategies; Building up local events models; Reflections D5 MAY 26 - Building up local events training models; Action plans; Final evaluation and next steps D6 MAY 27 - Departures (anytime) or EXTRA DAY OF TRAINING on EU Grants and Funding opportunities D7 MAY 28 - Departures (anytime) GETTING THERE The nearest airports to Grožnjan are Trieste (TRS) Airport, 52.5 km away, and Pula (PUY) Airport, 86 km away. Other nearby airports include Venice (VCE) (108.8 km), Ljubljana (LJU) (110.5 km), Venice Treviso (TSF) (122.2 km) and Zagreb (ZAG) (186.3 km). JMI and JM Croatia will organize shuttle buses/taxis from Trieste and Pula. It will take approximately 1/1h30 to reach Grožnjan from there. CONDITIONS - JMI will reimburse travels up to 250EUR per person - JMI will cover all costs related to accommodation and meals - JMI will cover and arrange transportation from/to airports - Participants are expected to take care of their visas and all other official requirements and have sufficient pocket money for their private expenses. DEADLINE Please apply by March 31st at noon. FURTHER INFORMATION Email: Tel: +32 2 513 97 74 Website:


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18 - 30

From these countries/regions
Bosnia and Herzegovina
United Kingdom
North Macedonia
San Marino
Croatia (Hrvatska)
Czech Republic
Moldova, Republic of

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