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Where do you live? (City, Country)

Date of birth

National or Cultural Affiliation/Identity

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Emergency contact (name, tel. number, e-mail

Do you require an invitation for a visa application? If so, then please write down your passport number and your full name as it appears on your passport and if possible please provide contact details to an organisation in your country that can assist you as a sending organisation.


If you are in a band that want to participate in Ethno Greece, fill in for the rest of the band members!

Tell us a bit about yourself. You are welcome to add audio or video to present yourself or your music (optional).





Usually one song or tune from each country/culture will be taught during the sessions at the camp. Would you be ready to teach?

If I teach a tune I will check before that it is not copyrighted or published commercially. NB: Copyrighted music cannot be published by Ethno! Please bring music that is copyright free. This can be traditional music in the public domain or original self-created music that is based on tradition.

Food Preferences

Do you have allergies or specific dietary or medical requirements?

Have you attended another Ethno gathering before? If yes, where have you been to?

Is there anything else you would like to share/special needs, requests ?

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